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Protect the Life You Love

The foundation of our financial planning philosophy is to make sure your financial security isn't left to chance. We believe insurance is the best way to protect the life you've worked hard to build for you and your family.​

Leave them with Memories, Not Bills

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Temporary and Affordable Coverage

A lot of people start off with term life insurance because it's the most affordable coverage. It covers you for a set amount of time, and once that term ends, so does your policy.

Term Insurance offers affordable protection, added options, benefits and flexible features to meet all of your individual and business clients’ temporary protection needs. Different Insurers offer riders like Critical Illness and Disability Insurance.

Term insurance is a cost-effective choice for:

  • Income replacement

  • Mortgage and debt protection

  • Business continuity


Permanent Coverage with Cash Value

Whole life insurance covers you for your whole life and comes with a cash value you can use to help with things like paying for your kids' college, upgrading your home, or living well in retirement.

Permanent Whole Life Insurance not only leaves a death benefit for the beneficiary, but it also offers a cash value benefit that grows TAX-FREE!

The Policyholder can access this cash value during the lifetime of the policy to leverage wealth using the Infinite Banking Concept.

Whole Life insurance is a permanent solution for:

  • Guaranteed Death Benefit

  • Cash Value Leveraging

  • Tax-efficient Estate Planning

Disability Insurance

Coverage that provides income while you are disabled or sick

Your ability to earn a living and contribute to your household is likely your most valuable asset. Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income—or helps cover the cost of household services for stay-at-home-parents, should illness or injury prevent you from doing your job. We can help protect your income, and your family, with a disability insurance policy that's right for you.

Supplement your employer's plan:
Disability insurance lets you close the gap between what's covered by your employer's group policy and what you need to maintain your lifestyle. Even if you have group disability insurance through work, most group plans:

  • Only covers a portion of your income (typically 50%–60%).

  • Benefits are often subject to income tax.

  • End when you leave the company.

  • Offer short-term benefits (typically only 6–24 months).

Critical Illness Insurance

Coverage that provides a lump-sum tax free benefit when diagnosed with a critical illness

Handling the emotions that come up when experiencing illnesses such as a cancer diagnosis, heart attack, or stroke is difficult enough. Worrying about your financial stability on top of this can obviously be overwhelming. With critical illness insurance, you can receive a tax-free amount so you can focus recovery.

Critical illness insurance can help you:

  • Reduce debt and other financial concerns while you cope with your illness

  • Replace any reduced or lost income for you and your spouse, who may wish to take time off work to care for you

  • Bring in additional help at home for you and your family

  • Consider new medical treatments and medications not covered by private or government health insurance plans

  • Avoid fundraising for yourself during recovery

Travel Insurance

Especially during the Pandemic, extra precaution should be taken during travel

Get coverage for COVID-19 related emergency medical conditions and more.


Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, unexpected trip and health problems can occur. Help protect your trip and keep disruptions to a minimum with travel insurance for travelling Canadians – simple, affordable coverage for emergency medical expenses, baggage loss, trip cancellations and more.

Ask about COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan:

  • Available to Canadians travelling abroad

  • Provides emergency medical insurance for COVID-19 related medical conditions (up to $1,000,000 CAD per insured)

  • Provides Emergency Medical Insurance coverage for Non-COVID-19 related medical conditions (up to $5,000,000 CAD per insured)

  • Includes Trip Interruption Insurance benefits in the event of quarantine (up to $2,100 CAD per insured and up to a maximum of $4,200 CAD per family) and for Government of Canada Avoid All Travel Advisories (up to $500 CAD per insured)

Personal Health Insurance

If you don't have group benefits at work, personal health insurance reduces dental and health expenses

Personal health insurance products help lower your risk of being burdened by expenses for preventive care or medical bills as a result of an illness or accident. While provincial health plans provide coverage for many health expenses, there are gaps that can have a significant impact on your finances. 


For example, depending on the province or territory where you live, you may have to pay for:

  • Prescription drugs to treat a chronic or serious health condition

  • Emergency medical services provided in another country

  • Practitioners like physiotherapists to promote wellness or help with injury recovery

  • Dental expenses

  • Medical equipment to assist with your mobility

Group Insurance & Benefits

Coverage that provides employees coverage to reduce health expenses

If you’re trying to think of ways to attract, retain and engage employees, it may be worthwhile to consider adding a group benefits plan or updating your existing plan.

When you offer a group benefits plan to your employees, it could increase engagement more than giving employees a raise in pay for three major reasons:

  • Benefits can be a tax-effective way to compensate your employees—health and dental benefits are tax-free for employees in all provinces except Quebec (other exceptions may apply)

  • You can help protect the well-being of your employees and their families by helping them manage their health and wellness, and by creating a sense of security and belonging

  • You can improve employee appreciation and loyalty by tangibly conveying your support for your employees beyond their day-to-day work




Accident & Sickness






Doctor and Patient


When diagnosed with an illness, looking for the best answers and treatments can be difficult.


Best Doctors Inc. is a world leader in connecting people with the best medical care. With its renowned database containing over 50,000 doctors recognized as the best by top specialists, Best Doctors services are available worldwide, serving more than 10 million lives in 30 countries.


With access to top-ranked hospitals, the latest technologies, opinions of world-class specialists and personal care management, Best Doctors can help clients make informed decisions about healthcare and medical choices.

This invaluable service is available to you and your immediate family when you are covered with certain policies from a select few insurance carriers.

Whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition, questioning surgery or facing a life-threatening illness, having the Best Doctors service in your policy can guide you in the right direction.

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