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Disability insurance works when you can’t. If an illness or injury keeps you from working, disability insurance can give you a monthly income to help pay some of your expenses.

Our personal Disability Insurance plans provide you with a monthly benefit, if you suffer an accident or sickness and are unable to work. Our flexible plans offer several different benefit periods, including the ultimate security of LIFETIME benefits. Many of our plans also provide you with FIRST DAY coverage.




A customized Disability Insurance plan is your best defense against an unexpected accident or sickness – it will protect you, your family and your financial future!

Included among our most-in-demand Disability Insurance plans are the following:

  • Disability Lifetime Accident & Sickness

  • Disability 5-year Accident and 2-year Sickness

  • Disability Lifetime Accident 

  • Safe Driver Plan

Additional personal Disability Insurance plans are available to address your unique needs.


Hospital Care Insurance

A health crisis should not become a financial crisis. If you are hospitalized, our Accident and Sickness Hospital Care plans let you focus on getting better instead of worrying about bills!

Important advantages of our Hospital Care plans:

  • Pay from FIRST DAY of hospitalization and for your entire stay - no matter how long

  • You choose your own physician for medical attention

  • Special family rates are available


Return of Premium option

A Return of Premium (ROP) option can be added to many of our insurance plans. When the ROP option is added to a personal Disability Insurance plan you can receive 100% of your premiums back, minus any claims. The ROP also includes a Partial Benefit and an Accidental Death Benefit for those who qualify. Thousands of La Capitale Financial Security policyholders are receiving their Return of Premium cheques every year. Ask me how you can add this option to a valuable personal Disability Insurance or Hospital Care plan that’s right for you.

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