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Permanent Whole Life Insurance not only leaves a death benefit for the beneficiary, but it also offers a cash value benefit that grows TAX-FREE!

The Policyholder can access this cash value during the lifetime of the policy to leverage wealth using the Infinite Banking Concept.


Participating Whole Life Insurance:

Dividends are paid to increase the cash value of the policy. This cash value grows tax-free and can be accessed by the Policy Owner throughout the lifetime of the policy. The Infinite Banking Concept uses Whole Life cash values to leverage wealth.


Non-Participating Whole Life Insurance:

Simplified permanent life insurance with lower premiums since the guaranteed death benefit does not grow and no dividends are being paid to increase the cash value. It is popular for those who need coverage for final expenses.


Participating vs. Non-Participating Permanent Whole Life Insurance

Leverage the Cash Value in a Permanent Whole Life Insurance Policy

Individuals Accessing Cash Value

Insured Retirement Program (IRP): Access the Cash Value tax-free for retirement

Immediate FInancing Arrangement (IFA): Borrow against the Cash Value to leverage your wealth with investments and real! The interest payment on the loan will be tax-deductible.

CSV Line of Credit: tax-free loan that can be used towards a down payment, education, home renovation, start a business etc

Business Owners Accessing Cash Value

A business owner who owns a whole life insurance policy can borrow against the accumulated cash value for a variety of purposes, including to help the business whether uncertain economic times, pay overhead expenses, or provide supplemental cash flow. Despite the negative rantings from finance gurus, it has been proven over history that leveraging the cash value of a whole life insurance policy has been the pinnacle of empires. Below are a few businesses that flourished with the help of whole life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance Success Stories


Walt Disney

Although his films were successful, Disney was not able to convince banks to help finance Disneyland. Fortunately, Disney was able to borrow against the cash value from his life insurance policy to help build Disneyland.


Ray Kroc

McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc borrowed against the cash value from a couple of his whole life policies to pay for his key employees’ salaries and to start the campaign for McDonald’s new mascot, Ronald McDonald


JC Penny

James Cash Penney used the cash value in his whole life policy to weather the financial setbacks of the Depression. The loan paid for salaries and expenses and helped the company prosper after the Depression. 

Doris Christopher.PNG

Doris Christopher

Entrepreneur, Doris Christopher borrowed $3,000 from her whole life policy to start her shared mealtimes business, Pampered Chef. By 2002, the $700 million operation was acquired by Warren Buffett for $1.5 billion.

Jim Pattison.jpg

Jim Pattison

Canadian billionaire Jim Pattison borrowed against his whole life policy to open his first General Motors dealership in 1961. Today, he's Canada’s fifth-richest person,  and has grown his Jim Pattison Group empire to over $6.7 Billion

Max Verda Foster.jpg

Max and Verda Foster

In 1939, Max and Verda Foster borrowed $1,000 against their whole life policy to buy a few chicks for their small farm in Modesto, California. Foster Farms grew to become a popular billion-dollar prosperous poultry farm.

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