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Young Family protected with life insurance


As an Insurance broker, Insurance Wealth Financial compares quotes from top insurance companies in Ontario, Canada that best suits your
life insurance needs and offers tax strategies for clients. 

Getting quotes and Applying for Life Insurance is easier and more affordable than you think. 

We have the online technology available to make your application safe and convenient for you. 

Life Insurance can offer more than a death benefit, accessing cash value in a whole life policy can also leverage your wealth.

We’re here to help protect you and your family every step of the way.

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Insurance Wealth Financial 



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Insurance Needs Analysis

How much life insurance do I need?

Everyone's lives are different, so should their insurance needs as well. Insurance Wealth Financial works with you to calculate how much insurance you need to make sure your loved ones aren't left with a financial burden.

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Insurance Leveraging

Does life insurance only offer a death benefit?

Life insurance is well known for its main benefit...a tax-free death benefit. However, with a properly structured Whole Life policy, the policy owner can access the cash value tax-free to leverage their wealth.


Quote Comparison

What is the cheapest life insurance?

Fortunately, Insurance Wealth Financial is a broker that works with the best insurers in Canada. Our advisors will find the best quote for your needs. Declined or rated? No problem, we will still find you the best coverage.


Financial Analyst

Money  Management & Budgeting

How much do I need to reach my goals?

In order to determine how much you need to invest for your future goals, Insurance Wealth Financial will help you quantify your goals over the time period you need to attain them. Our advisors are here to help leverage your cash flow within your risk tolerance.

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Tax Planning

How can I invest without paying so much taxes on my gains?

Tax strategies will help keep most of your gains. Registered accounts like RRSP's, TFSA's and RESP's are key components to your plan. But using life insurance is the best way to reduce taxes at the least amount of risk.

Accounting Tasks

Business Protection

How can I protect my business assets?

Whole Life insurance provides a business a way to keep more of its assets from taxes. In times of hardship, the business can access the cash value in the policy.  In a partnership, a Buy/Sell agreement protects the financial interest of each owner.


home keys

All-In-One Mortgage

How can I leverage the equity in my home?

Real estate investing has been a lucrative way for Canadians to increase their assets. An All-in-One gives you the ability to access the equity in your home to use for a down payment on an investment property. 

Senior Couple

Reverse Mortgage

How can I access the equity in my home during retirement?

Most Canadians who have retired have difficulty getting access to their home's equity because of low assets. A reverse mortgage gives seniors an easy way to access their equity through a reverse mortgage.

Done Deal

CSV Loan

How can I access the cash value in my policy?

A Whole Life policy has the great advantage of growing a cash value...even better, the policy owner can access this CSV to leverage their wealth. Done properly, the policy owner can receive these funds tax-free and the interest rate can be tax-deductible.


Family protected with life insurance

If your loved ones rely on you financially, life insurance will provide a TAX-FREE benefit at death.

Don't leave your loved ones with a financial burden.




Your home is likely the biggest asset you’ll ever own. Life insurance can cover your mortgage so you don’t leave that debt for your loved ones.

Find out why Term Life Insurance is better than mortgage insurance.

Seniors covered with life insurance for final expenses

Depending on the size of your estate, your heirs could be hit with an estate-tax payment of up to 45% after you die. Life insurance can relieve that burden.



Life insurance can also protect your business. What would happen to your business if you become disabled or died tomorrow?


Children with whole life insurance

Whole Life insurance and Critical Illness Insurance are emotional decisions to make when it comes to children. Here are some factors to help you decide.


Protecting yourself with life insurance when you’re young will ensure your future eligibility, even if you have a change in health. Starting a Whole Life Policy earlier, has higher cash value potential.




Your one-stop shop for specialized insurance

If you’re looking for affordable, quality insurance protection and reliable service, you’ve come to the right place! At Insurance Wealth Financial, we look at your Insurance needs. As an Independent Broker, we work with the best Insurance Carriers in Canada so we can compare products to save our clients money. We also help build and preserve our Clients' Savings and Legacy with Tax Efficient strategies and Investments.


First and foremost, one primary advantage of life insurance is the death benefit. Dying with no life insurance can create all sorts of financial and emotional problems for those you leave behind.

For example, your family may have to find money for debts, mortgage, bills, funeral expenses, income replacement and more.

There is a huge advantage to having a life insurance policy in force that will pay a death benefit will go to your life insurance beneficiary, which they can use however they wish.

For example, they could pay off the mortgage, replace lost income, or pay off any large debts, such as student loans.


Removes Worries

For the length of your level term life insurance or for the rest of your life with whole life insurance with cash value, you can rest worry-free that your family is provided for should you die prematurely.

You see, there really is no replacement for the satisfaction you get once you have life insurance in force and you know your family’s financial needs will be met if you die.

You can choose 10, 20, or 30-year term life insurance. There is even a 35-year return of premium life insurance policy available. Each policy has a conversion option to permanent coverage, and also turns into annual renewable term to age 90 or 95 once the policy expires.

Another option is permanent life insurance which lasts your entire life. Among the many options are:

Whole life insurance which offers

  • 10 or 20 limited pay,

  • whole life to age 65,

  • or whole life to 100.


There is also universal life insurance which includes

  • Guaranteed universal life

  • Indexed universal life

  • Variable universal life

  • Survivorship life

Cash Value

Apart from return of premium policies, term life insurance does not have cash value. However, if you were to go for a permanent policy, you will be eligible for cash value life insurance.

Depending on the design of the policy, your cash value will grow over time. By adding certain life insurance riders to the policy, such as paid up additions, you can supercharge the cash value growth.

The advantage of cash value life insurance is that you can use the cash to fund many purchases down the road, such as paying off debt, buying a home, investing in real estate, of simply living off the dividends as a form of passive income.

Advantages of Cash Value Life Insurance:

  • Cash value grows tax-deferred

    • True compound interest as your principle is left undisturbed

  • Tax-free withdrawals and policy loans

    • policy loans do not have to be repaid; you choose your own repayment schedule and amount

    • policy loans do not show up on your credit report

  • Income tax-free death benefit

  • Living benefits

    • Different benefits including accelerated benefits which pay a portion of your death benefit while you are still alive if you are diagnosed as terminally ill

  • Provides an excellent source of supplemental retirement income


Tax Benefits

Not only is a life insurance death benefit not taxable, but the cash value accumulation and any dividends also accumulate tax-deferred. And if you use policy loans you may never have to pay taxes on your cash value growth.

Further, all policy loans are free from income tax, and even most cash value withdrawals are tax-free as long as it doesn’t surpass the premiums paid into the policy, i.e. your basis.



Another advantage of a life insurance policy is that you have great flexibility over what company you choose, the policy, coverage, duration, beneficiary, and more.

Even after you have passed away, most insurers will allow the death benefit to be spent on whatever is required rather than forcing your loved ones to spend it in certain areas. Unlike Mortgage (Creditor) insurance, a personal life insurance policy pays the beneficiary, not the bank.

Depending on the type of policy you choose, after the policy is in effect and has been for many years, there are various things that can be done to adjust, including lowering the premiums. If your income decreases, you might be able to decrease your premiums and death benefit with an option to increase it once more in the future.


Cheap Prices

Finally, we should also mention that life insurance rates are now extremely affordable, particularly term life, thanks to people living longer than ever.

Further, as one company competes with the next, cheap life insurance is in abundance.

And your own decisions will affect the price and this comes back down to flexibility once again.

  • Are you happy with doing a medical exam or do you prefer life insurance with no medical exam?

  • Do you need any riders attached to your policy?

  • Are you looking for term life or permanent insurance?


Overall, there are many decisions you can make to find the most affordable life insurance in the marketplace.

Covid Protocols:

Insurance Wealth Financial has always placed high importance on client services. With restrictions easing, meetings can be held in-person, but virtual meetings seem to still be the preference for ease and convenience. Online quotes, calculators and electronic applications also serve to make insurance and wealth planning simpler than ever. 


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